17 Stunning Ideas On How To Use Ceramic Bowls As Decorative Bowls In Every Room


There is something special going on whenever I discover beautiful ceramic bowls where good craftsmanship is involved. Butterflies… Bowls in my stomach together with innumerous ideas on interior design combinations! Because just one unique bowl can complement the style and add this extra flair to any home and any room!

Characterful ideas on how to decorate with bowls your coffee table… dining table… boufet… wall… floor… kitchen… counter-top… cabinets… bedroom… and more… are gathered on this post: “16 stunning ideas on how to use ceramic bowls as decorative bowls in every room”, together with pictures from jaw-dropping interiors. 

I hope you will find this post inspiring. And if you love craftsmanship bowls and searching for rare pieces, just visit our carefully handpicked Collection of  Decorative Ceramic Bowls to select your favorite.




Some bowls are so special & beautiful that I prefer to place them on my most prominent corner at home, instead of enjoying them only during dining hours.

Their purpose therefore is mainly decorative and secondary functional.



When relaxing on the couch, my coffee table is the main piece I am looking at. What I chose to place on it can uplift my coffee table & consequently my living room (…and no… unfortunately that’s not my living room).

Decorative Bowls for Coffee Tables

House in Paros Island – Source: DLuxImages

This large decorative bowl adds a warm, artisanal and characterful touch to the coffee table.

Additionally, it’s blue and white patterns perfectly blend with the colors of the view!



House in Mykonos Island – Source: Decoholic

Simplicity at its best!  This island house in Mykonos, is a great example of the big impact centerpiece bowls create.



Source: Lonny

Large decorative bowls work well when combined with other findings of similar style.

In this living room it perfectly fits with the style of the tablecloth. Together they create an interesting eclectic mix.



Source: Lonny

Small ceramic bowls are perfect complementary decorative items for coffee tables.

Placing them on top of a pile of coffee-table books, is a great idea with an intellectual & characterful style.



House in Paros Island – Source: DLuxImages

A thoughtfully placed collection of large decorative bowls together with small decorative bowls creates a big impact.

Like this collection in this lovely home in Paros Island, Greece.




(bowls for dining tables even when not dining)


House in Speches Island – Sourche Architectural Digest

Each furniture in this summer house on Speches Island, Greece is characterful.

And yet those two large ceramic bowls manage to stand out!

No centerpiece on the center of the dining table. Instead, each is placed on the opposite end.

To add more interest, they both have similar color and different shapes: One is short and curvy and filled with colorful fruits and the other one is tall and empty.

Great idea on how to combine bowls of various shapes, sizes and uses and on how to place them!



House on Mykonos Island – Source: DLuxImages

Do empty handmade pottery bowls actually look …empty? No, when they are hand painted with stunning patterns.

Because they showcase all their beauty and pattern.

Like those bowls in this Mykonos Island home.



Summer House on Santorini Island – Source: Elle Decor

I know I have already described my thoughts on decorative bowls for tables.

However, I couldn’t resist adding this picture from a summer house on Santorini Island.

Simplicity at its best!




There are many other imaginative ways to place ceramic decorative bowls, apart from the tables in the living & dining rooms.  For example on a devider, on the boufet, on the walls, on the floor, on…a rock!


Summer house on Mykonos Island – Source: DLuxImages

Here is another example of a Summer House in Mykonos Island.

There is a big divider between the living room and the dining room.

The decorative ceramic bowls on the white divider add a dramatic effect.

All wheel-thrown, all made of red clay.

Great place for a collection of bowls of great craftsmanship!



Home on Antiparos Island, Greece – Source: Design Stores

What about placing centerpiece bowls for decoration on the floor? And adding something on the bowl that fits with the home’s style?

For example the owners have placed pebbles on the bowl. A theme that fits with this coastal home on Antiparos Island, Greece.



Source: Domino

And from the floor, we are moving to the walls.

Why not hang your large pottery bowls on the wall?

Create an eye-catching wall decor with your collection and enjoy such a stunning effect!



House on Serifos Island – Source: DLuxImages

On the occasion where nature is part of the home, some natural objects perfectly match and complement the scheme.

A bright example is this home on Serifos Island, Greece.

The rock where the house is build on, is part of the interior.

This wheel-thrown red clay bowl, is the perfect natural piece to place on this natural interior.




Apparently bowls are in the kitchen because we need them and use them.

But what when the bowls are really unique? Isn’t it a pitty to hide them in the cabinets?

There are ways to both enjoy looking at them and to uplift our kitchen.


French Country Kitchen – Source: Unknown

Wooden cabinets! The perfect place for impressive & unique large pottery bowls.

Decor Tip: the bowls with an interest on the inner part are placed standing in an upright position.



House on Mykonos Island – Source: DLuxImages

An impressive big ceramic bowl on the kitchen table works as a kitchen centerpiece that sets the style of the kitchen.



House on Mykonos – Source: DLuxImages

Same kitchen as above.

A similar bowl to the one on the kitchen table, is placed on the countertop.

Both bowls in the same kitchen perfectly complement each other.



Source: Pinterest (Urban Folk album “Showcase your Pottery”)

Open kitchen in a traditional Greek home, where the countertop is located on the most central place.

This ceramic bowl decorates both the kitchen and the rest of the home.





Summer House on Serifos Island – Source: Decoholic

A lovely collection of bowls and a beautiful placement.

Each and every bowl complements the warm character of the bedroom on Serifos Island, Greece.


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Select your favorite bowl and create imaginary interiors!




Do you have any other ideas on HOW TO USE CERAMIC BOWLS AS DECORATIVE BOWLS? Please comments below.


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