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…And so the story goes…


About me

Nice meeting you. 🙂

I am Greek, interior designer, world traveler, neo-traditionalist and creator of www.urbanfolk.eu (our Aegean e-shop).

Loving interiors (it’s both job and passion) I am constantly researching what’s new, what’s old, what’s new & old. And I love to combine new & old in unexpected combinations.

And my moto?

“My lifestyle philosophy is about blending the best of the past with the best of the present, the best of people with the best of cultures, to create a unique life mix.”


How it all started?

Being passionate with interior design and always searching for new things, I am constantly reading interior design magazines and blogs.

I am interested in various styles, from various countries and various periods. And trying to combine each style with history: what were the needs of the population during that period, how things were evolved, how each piece was used, what other needs did each piece cover, what were the weather conditions, what was considered beautiful…and much much more.

Soon I realised that the homes I found most fascinating and characterful were the ones with affordable statement pieces. In many cases the owners were travelers and brought their findings from local artisans, during their journeys to Mediterranean places. Those findings were hard to find unless travel…

And that’s how Urban Folk popped into my mind:

I can find those Aegean traditional craftsmen. And through Urban Folk make their creations worldwide available!

Lot’s of people will have the chance to add a hard-to-find & characterful Aegean Piece to their home!


Finding Aegean traditional craftsmen

One of the most interesting journeys of my life started!

Being Greek who lives in Greece, I have traveled to many of my countries places. So I started with the list of who I have met.

Then I started asking all my family and friends where they have traveled and what craftsmen they have met.

And that’s how I traveled from Soufli (North-Eastern Greece) to Crete (South Greece) and from Corfu (west Greece) to Skyros (Central-East Greece) and to many other places all over Greece.


I visited idyllic Greek Islands



Met traditional craftsmen… Talked with them… Listened to their lovely childhood stories and how they became craftsmen… Watching them working…


Mr Ftoulis painting the famous Skyriana Ceramics.


Researched the local traditions of each place. How their interiors looked and why.



And that’s how some of the best craftsmen’s traditional creations were hand picked and are now available through Urban Folk.


What you will read in the blog

During my travelings, I have learned so many things I would love to share: About the craftsmen (their workrooms, techniques, stories).  About the tradition (why and how each place created its own technique). Traditional interiors (images and how those aesthetics evolved in each area).  Contemporary homes with Aegean flair.

I was fortunate enough to have amazing clients and with some we gradually became friends. And they suggested some articles they would love to read. That’s how our buying guides evolved.



So come on, subscribe to Urban Folk news and let the Aegean travel begin!




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