The Complete Guide To Ceramic Bowls By Size & Use



From now on, you will know what each size looks like when buying from e-shops!

This article will guide you through each ceramic bowl by size, with pictures of bowls on table settings or with props, accompanied with relevant dimensions and information!

Additionally, you will find tips on the best uses of functional ceramic bowls for your table, based on their size & shape.

And tips on when to avoid using some bowls sizes that very few share.

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17 Stunning Ideas On How To Use Ceramic Bowls As Decorative Bowls In Every Room


There is something special going on whenever I discover beautiful ceramic bowls where good craftsmanship is involved. Butterflies… Bowls in my stomach together with innumerous ideas on interior design combinations! Because just one unique bowl can complement the style and add this extra flair to any home and any room!

Characterful ideas on how to decorate with bowls your coffee table… dining table… boufet… wall… floor… kitchen… counter-top… cabinets… bedroom… and more… are gathered on this post: “16 stunning ideas on how to use ceramic bowls as decorative bowls in every room”, together with pictures from jaw-dropping interiors. 

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