What Are The Many Uses Of Pottery Dinnerware & Cookware?


I received my e-mail from Quora Digest where there was a question: What are the uses of Pottery?

“Now that’s an interesting question”, I thought. There are innumerable uses of pottery: from dinnerware to building materials (bricks, tiles, gutters) and from jewelry to lamps.

I am more accustomed to the dinnerware / cookware pottery and have therefore prepared this table with their multiple uses I can think of.

On this article you will discover ideas on how to use each pottery piece in multiple ways and enjoy your pottery more.

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What Is So Special About Handmade Pottery?


Lately there is a trend towards handmade pottery.

An increasing number of people search for warm & characterful ceramic centerpieces, handcrafted by talented potters.

But why do people like handcrafted ceramics?

Why do they spend their precious time searching for that special piece?

And after all, what is so special about handcrafted ceramics?


Handmade Ceramic Jugs by Urban Folk.

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